4 ways to use LinkedIn to give your small business a voice

As a small business, there is a constant need for efficient, targeted and cost-effective marketing techniques to enhance your branding and industry credibility. Whilst easier said than done, LinkedIn is giving small businesses a professional platform to address this need and achieve results with limited resources. 

How? LinkedIn has transformed its offering from an online resume and job-posting platform, to a game-changing marketing tool that gives small businesses the opportunity to leverage their branding, position themselves as thought leaders, and build professional networks and relationships.

Yes, LinkedIn offers a suite of premium paid advertising services for these purposes, however there are a number of ways to cost-effectively use LinkedIn to your advantage.

4 ways to use LinkedIn to give your small business a voice by Social Zest

Here are 4 ways to use LinkedIn to give your small business a voice:

  1. Create and share content on LinkedIn

Create and post insightful content that showcases your business’s expertise. A great way to get started is to think about the current issues in your industry and provide your professional opinion on that issue. You want to create content that your audience will want to engage with and respond to – so think about what they are wanting to know!

  • TIP: Leverage the knowledge and expertise within your company by encouraging employees to create and post content. By sharing this content via your business page and employee pages you will expand you reach and deliver genuine content.
  1. Join LinkedIn Groups where your target customers actively participate

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to network with existing and prospective customers, professionals and other stakeholders in your industry. Participating and actively contributing to the conversations in these groups is a great way to enhance your brand image and position your company as a thought-leader.

  • TIP: Respond to posts with thoughtful comments and provide suggestions where appropriate. Try to use these groups to generate discussion by posting questions (remember to regularly check for comments and promptly respond).
  1. Generate and secure LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations

LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations are a powerful way to enhance your professional credibility and provide industry exposure. These user-generated reviews imitate the effect of word-of-mouth marketing by providing prospective clients and industry professionals with a transparent insight into your company.

  • TIP: Ensure you regularly request recommendations from satisfied customers willing to provide testimonials.
  1. Showcase your business’s work and employees on your LinkedIn page

Your LinkedIn page is an ideal platform to showcase the successes of your business including your latest product updates, completed jobs and the achievement of your workforce. This is a great way to further build credibility, demonstrate your business’s capabilities and therefore, help influence relationships and sales.

  • TIP: If you have a ‘game-changing’ post (such as the release of a new product or product feature), consider sponsoring that posts via the sponsored update function. By doing so, you will boost your reach and get the message out loud and clear.

So, set yourself a challenge! Put these recommendations into action and take LinkedIn to the next level – use it as a branding and marketing tool, and give your small business a voice! 

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