5 Essential Tips to Help Make Social Media Work for Your Business

A strong presence on social media can do wonders for your business, and whether you’re a professional marketer or a business owner, you can always stand to benefit from greater social media exposure.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all offer unique avenues for reaching far more potential clients than you would otherwise find with traditional marketing strategies alone. But establishing a strong social media presence can only happen once you’ve gained a strong online following and learned how to engage your audience’s attention.

Social Media Social ZestHere are 5 essential tips to help make social media work for your business.  These tips will help you to expand your social media presence and bolster your business’s online marketing potential.

1. Identify Your Target Demographic

This is an important point, but one that is often overlooked. The variety of social media channels is vast, and different networks serve a wide variety of different purposes. A key principal in growing your business’s online presence is to focus on only those social media platforms that offer you the most opportunities to reach your target demographic.

If your business has a focus on aesthetically pleasing and visually alluring goods and services, as in the case of a restaurant or a florist, then you might find image-sharing platforms like Instagram or Pinterest an ideal venue for displaying your best works. If your enterprise is directed toward a more professional market, LinkedIn will probably serve you best. If however, your goal is to interact with your consumer base on a closer, more intimate level, then a platform like Twitter or Facebook would be better suited for your business’s needs.

An essential part of identifying your target audience also involves understanding what type of content will drive them toward your social media platform. Recognising what kinds of topics they want to read about, or what types of products they’re interested in, will be crucial in driving potential clients toward your business.

2. Include Your Social Media Profiles in All of Your Promotional Material

Put your social media presence at the forefront of all of your marketing strategies. Don’t make your audience have to track down your business’s social media profile. Think of your social media presence as an extension of your business’s official website. Provide links to all of your social media channels, as you would link to your own website, so your audience can easily learn more about your company’s background and the kind of products you offer.

It is also important to consider bolstering your presence on external business listing sites and even starting a Wikipedia page, where prospective clients can easily find basic information pertaining to your business. It is also an absolute must to include all of your social media channels on your business’s website itself, displayed prominently on all of its web pages, so that your audience can engage with you easily and intuitively.

3. Build a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

It is crucial for the success of your online marketing strategy to have an overarching set of goals for your business’s social media presence. Make sure your company’s social media profiles always serve a clear and well-defined purpose. Create a set of realistic social media marketing benchmarks that you believe you can reach, and then invest in a set of analytical software tools that can help you monitor your progress. These can help you track the development of your company’s social media presence and develop new online marketing strategies to attract new audiences to your business.

4. Engage with your Audience

One of the primary advantages of social media is that it affords businesses a far greater level of interaction with their consumer base than other more traditional marketing strategies will allow. Take advantage of this valuable marketing opportunity by responding to your audience’s feedback as often as possible. Your audience will feel a deeper connection with your brand if you engage with them on a personal level. People want to know that there’s a real human being on the other end of your marketing campaigns, and social media platforms allow you to facilitate this heightened level of interaction.

5. Give Your Audience a Practical Reason to Stay Connected

An individual who decides to visit one of your social media profiles has already shown an interest in your business, but in order to draw their attention to the particular products and services that you offer, you must provide a concrete incentive to visit your website. Consider offering discount codes or giveaway opportunities. You could even reward them for engaging with your social media profiles by offering free trials of your service in exchange for “liking” your content, or by sharing it with their friends.

Examine your business’s current social media presence, and determine whether you’re getting all you can out of all of your social media profiles. Take advantage of each platform’s unique tools and features, and remember to remain active on all of your social media channels and engage with your audience as often as possible. Building a strong social media presence for your business takes time and commitment, but the benefits you will derive for your business will be well worth the investment.

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