A 10-Minute Daily Twitter Plan for Small Businesses

Twitter is a powerful social media platform that gives small businesses one on one contact with businesses and customers alike, as well as competitor visibility.  As with all social media marketing strategies, Twitter does require a certain amount of time and effort in order to see a return.

The most common complaints from small businesses include: “I don’t have enough time” and “I don’t know how to use it”. Whilst these may be valid points – small businesses need to carefully consider the tremendous potential power of Twitter to build your brand, facilitate networking and drive new business to your website.

We’ve formulated “A 10-Minute Daily Twitter Plan” that will guide your activity and help you get great visible and targeted results in a relatively short time-frame.

A 10-Minute Daily Twitter Plan for Small Businesses by Social Zest

10-Minute Daily Twitter Plan:

2-3 Minutes: Check Your Notifications and Respond

  • Welcome any new followers by sending a quick message such as “@NewFollower Thanks for the follow!” or connect further by following them back (if appropriate) and perhaps conversing with them further if appropriate.
  • Thank retweets by commenting on the RT. Keep it short and sweet such as “@RT Thanks for sharing!” or “@RT Appreciate it.”
  • Track brand mentions and respond. If someone mentions your @Twitter_Handle in their tweet, it means they are likely talking to you – be sure to respond appropriately through a like or comment.  This shows your audience and potential customers that you are responsive and value engagement and customer service.

5 Minutes: Scan and Interact with Your Feed

  • Scan your feed and interact with your audience by liking, commenting and retweeting relevant tweets. Aim to interact with a minimum of 3-4 tweets each day.  Ensure that you always read the content of a tweet before blindly re-tweeting something that looks appropriate.  The standard of the content of your tweets is crucial to your brand and online integrity
  • Search for #hashtags and terms relevant to your brand (industry keywords are a great place to start.) Monitor the conversations in those searches, follow 3-4 new accounts and contribute where you can add value. Tip: the most effective way to comment on a tweet is to retweet it with your comment as this will help you to amplify your presence. For example: “A really interesting article by @Twitter_Handle – Tips on how to boost your social presence: http://link.” versus commenting “Interesting article!” on the original post.

2 Minutes: Join the Conversation

  • Publish a tweet. Use your prior search as inspiration for your tweet, always including a popular #hashtag relevant to your topic matter and a link back to your site (where applicable). Tip: the majority of your tweets should not contain directly promotional content, they should be purposefully created to either inspire, educate or inform your audience.

So, whether you’re new to Twitter or already actively participating – set yourself a 30-day challenge. Follow this daily 10-minute plan for 30 days and share your results with us at @social_zest. Good luck!

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