Social Zest Content Marketing


“Content is King” is a phrase many digital marketers will be very aware of.

Content refers to the words, stories, blog posts and newsletters that your business generates.  Content is your prime opportunity to engage, enlighten and entertain your audience.  It’s what showcases your unique brand, your knowledge and your purpose.  It gives you a reason for speaking to your audience and it could be easily likened to the fuel that keeps your online presence alive and humming.

It’s an integral asset to every facet of your marketing… your website, your ranking on search engines, your social media and your brand.  With it being so incredibly important – it’s also vital that it’s done regularly, appropriately and to a high standard.

It also happens to be the most time-consuming element of the marketing strategy – with many fresh and beautiful sparkling new websites fumbling to create the right content regularly enough to maintain the desired presence.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are often so frazzled with all the daily networking, meetings and hands-on running of things that their inspiration for writing after hours is little to none – unfortunately meaning that this is frequently the most neglected aspect of the marketing strategy.


  • Work with you to ascertain appropriate topics and broader issues of interest for your audience
  • Formulate an appropriate timetable around content creation and how it would be shared across the various social media platforms
  • Introduce you to free or low cost apps to make the process as sustainable as possible
  • Create written content for your business in the form of blog posts, newsletters or media releases
  • Advise on free or low cost website plug-ins that make it easier to optimise your posts for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Advise on appropriate free or low cost sources of non- copyrighted image content

We would tailor our services to fit your needs and abilities.

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