How to create great content for your business blog

Creating great content for your blog starts with identifying the purpose of your business blog. For many, a business blog is a platform where you can showcase the ins and outs of your product/service, highlight your expertise and share your success.

When considering these three purposes, we can deduce three key content areas that businesses should focus on:

  1. Product/service-centric content
  2. Thought leader/industry specific content
  3. Client testimonial content

Whilst each offer distinctively different content – a single golden rule must apply: all content must excite, engage and/or educate your audience.

How to create great content for your business blog by Social Zest

  1. Product/service-centric content

Use your blog as a promotional platform to showcase your product and/or service by creating content that highlights the features and benefits of your offering.

TIP: Think about what your audience would search for (on Google etc.) to find your business, and create content that weaves your product/service into those needs. For tips on how to do this see here.

It is also important to showcase the makings behind your business, including the employees and corporate culture. By sharing behind-the-scenes content and content that celebrates your employees, you can easily and effectively humanize your brand.

  1. Thought leader/industry specific content

Creating content for your blog that doesn’t directly advertise your product or service is a great way to express your expertise and position yourself as more than just a brand. Sharing stories and commenting on hot topics in your industry helps to broaden your reach and importantly, provide valuable and educated content to your audience.

TIP: To help generate this content and ensure you remain up-to-date, actively follow industry influencers and monitor industry hashtags and keywords.

  1. Client testimonial content

Maximise the visibility of your client testimonials by showcasing them on your blog. A quick element of social proof can push a potential client over the line!

TIP: Incentivise your customers to provide reviews and testimonials for you, and encourage them to do so on your social media accounts too.

For additional quick tips on how to brainstorm topics, mix up your content structure and decide on the right format for your blog, see here.

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