Social Zest Diagnostic Analysis


Do you have a social media and content marketing strategy in place however you aren’t seeing the appropriate responses to your efforts?

Are you wondering why your posts aren’t getting the attention and shares that they should be?

Perhaps you’re wondering what you could do to make your website more attractive to navigate or how you could increase social sharing from your site?


  • We can perform a full diagnostic report on all aspects of your website- speed, technical recommendations, social media presence, newsletter and content portfolio.
  • Suggest possible reasons for the data findings.
  • Provide you with suggestions on how you could improve your website’s social sharing using free or low cost services.
  • Suggest ways to improve the website, it’s performance, the user experience and its ability to gather important data relating to the customer.
  • Suggest social media solutions to improved shareability and promote third-party promotion.
  • Suggest content marketing practices that could improve website visits and boost sales.

We would tailor our services to fit your needs and requirements.

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