Social Zest Digital Marketing Strategy


Over the last few years, the power and influence of the digital space (including social media) has become so prolific that even the reluctant have been swept up in its marketing capability and information sharing potential.

With so many online users, it’s become even more important to make your brand message concise, creative, consistent and relevant to your audience, to be heard in the ever increasing crowd.

The internet has turned many traditional marketing techniques upside down – making way for new practices, ways to engage and different ways and means of consuming content too.

Even these are changing and evolving on a daily basis.


  • Work with your unique brand messaging to help you discover its essence, appropriate audience and means of engagement with them
  • Formulate a marketing strategy and plan, to include appropriate social media marketing, content marketing as well as other appropriate forms including the creation of visual elements, e-newsletter etc.
  • Assist you with implementing this marketing strategy and advising on the utilisation of tried and tested low cost or free apps to help make this process as easy and sustainable as possible
  • We can advise around the best ways to track engagement, marketing data reports and various low cost or free tools that make life easier for small businesses

Our involvement in this process would be flexible and tailored, based on your unique and evolving requirements.