Email Marketing Done Wrong: 5 Mistakes that Make Your Newsletters Unreadable

Email newsletters are a core part of a marketing campaign. Sending out emails is simple but like most marketing approaches, it does take a bit of time and effort. Email is one of the most direct and efficient ways of communicating with your audience, so it’s important to get it right – to ensure that your message gets through appropriately and with the desired results.

Email Marketing Done Wrong: 5 Mistakes that Make Your Newsletters Unreadable by Social Zest

It is sometimes more helpful to know what to AVOID, which brings us to the below points…

Email Marketing Done Wrong: 5 Mistakes that Make Your Newsletters Unreadable.  Here are five common mistakes to avoid:

1- No interactivity 

Your emails should be interactive. A newsletter should be more than just a way to deliver information to your subscribers. Make sure that you can get something out of your newsletters. The easiest way to make your emails more interactive is by including relevant Calls to Action at the end of your content. Linking back to a long-form article on your blog or your store is just one of the things you can do. You should also include share buttons to make it easy for your newsletter to be circulated and to reach people on social media.

2- Sticking to monthly or even fortnightly releases 

Monthly newsletters were common in the early days of email marketing. Nowadays, you can’t get away with only releasing content once or twice a month. Email marketing has become so competitive that your subscribers will likely be subscribed to a handful of sites. You’ll need to compete for attention in their inboxes. Unless you’re constrained by costs and other factors, consider sending out emails on a weekly basis. Just make sure that your newsletters are of a high standard and don’t in any way appear spammy or repetitive.

3- Not paying attention to the mobile audience

Not everyone reads their emails on their computers. In fact, the majority of people now check email on their phones and other mobile devices. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your content is pleasantly readable on more compact screens – otherwise you’re going to alienate your audience.

Responsive design is the first step to achieving this goal. Your content should look great on the big screen of an iPad as well as the four-inch screen of an entry-level smartphone. You should also take into consideration other commonly used popular mobile devices and smartphones. Avoid using large images that take a long time to load, and don’t go overboard with the formatting and design.  Simple, clean and elegant is the tried and tested winner.

4- Huge chunks of text 

Nobody likes reading a wall of text. Huge chunks of text are difficult to digest and take a concerted mental effort to read. They’re uninspiring for your readers and can be very off-putting. This is especially true when your email is read on a mobile device.

Avoid writing 500-word paragraphs. Split up paragraphs into just three to four sentences. Use bullet points and numbered lists if appropriate. Divide content with images and headers.

5- Poor design

Poor design is a huge turnoff. A poorly designed webpage can cause people to click away from the site, and the same can be said for newsletters. Your text should be properly formatted and ensure that you stick to a  relatively consistent design that reflects your brand’s theme.  Your newsletter should feel like thought and consideration has been put into its creation.  This also means checking for any spelling or grammatical errors.  Simple mistakes can be a huge turn off to readers.

Newsletters can be a challenge to get right.  Make sure that your newsletters are always capable of capturing the interest of your readers. Through simply avoiding these common mistakes above your newsletters will be well on their way to success.


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