How to target your Facebook adverts to deliver great results

Facebook provides marketers and small business owners with a lucrative and exciting adverting playground – with over 1.7 billion active users globally. It’s not only the sheer number of users that’s so appealing, but also the enormous database of profiling data that Facebook holds.

This data is advertising ‘gold’ – allowing businesses to create targeted adverts that reach all the right people for their business.

How to target your Facebook ads to deliver results by Social Zest

Here are three key factors to consider when creating your Facebook adVERT audiences:

  1. General Targeting Options

Facebook offers a range of targeting options to help you segment your audience, these include:

  • Location based targeting (inclusive of where people live, visit or travel to)
  • Demographic based targeting (inclusive of age, gender, language, relationship status & parental status)
  • Detailed targeting (inclusive of job titles, interests and behaviours)

The key to creating a highly targeted (and successful) Facebook advert is to be as specific as you can in your targeting – the more detail the better. As you begin to segment your audience, you’ll see whether your targeting is broad, clearly defined or narrow – these will also you an indication of the number of people your advert will potentially reach.

  1. Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences allow you to create highly targeted audiences based on your existing connections and databases. This function allows you to upload customer and prospect data, inclusive of email address, names, phone number and address details, to created targeted advert audiences.

In short, Facebook will use your data to match the people on your list to people on Facebook – allowing you to create highly customised campaigns.

Also, Custom Audiences allows you create audiences based on your website traffic, provided you install the relevant pixels in your site. A fantastic targeting tool to laser focus your ads and deliver targeted messages to specific groups of consumers.

  1. Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences are a great tool to reach new prospects with similar characteristics to your existing audiences. The way they work is by profiling your existing audiences (either people who like your page or people who are part of your existing Custom Audiences) and finding similar people based on a range of demographic, geographic and behavioural features.

Facebook’s targeting capabilities are nothing short of brilliant for creating targeted adverts. Something for small businesses to consider and factor into their marketing budget for sure!

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