Personal Branding in a Digital World – 7 Essential Tips You Need to Know

Personal branding is critical in today’s digital world. Whether you’re an up-and-coming social media/marketing guru or an entrepreneur trying to develop an engaged audience, the brand you develop for yourself will be incredibly influential in determining your level of success.

From your social media persona to your website, each brand asset is a reflection of the businessperson (and business) you are developing.

Personal Branding in a Digital World - 7 Essential Tips You Need to Know by Social Zest Digital Marketing

To ensure your personal branding is effective and on point, remember the following seven crucial branding tips.

1 – If you’re not genuine in your personal branding, your audience will know. Pretending to be someone you’re not, or building a reputation that isn’t true to your character, won’t get you anywhere in the long term. You are better off understanding who you truly are and building a reputation on your strengths and unique quirkiness. Your audience will appreciate it and you won’t end up feeling insincere.

2 – Make sure your brand is consistent across all mediums. Regardless of which platform you’re using, your messaging should be consistent. From your blog to your LinkedIn to your social media posts, all of your content should have the same underlying personality.

3 – Understand that your audience is a crucial part of your success. You need to have conversations with your audience.   The more your audience feels they have a connection with you, the stronger your brand will become.

4 – Do not rely on a single social media platform to build your brand. The adage “do not build a business in someone else’s sandbox” applies to personal branding too. Social media platforms can change or be acquired; you want to ensure your messaging outreach efforts can continue regardless of who controls the platforms you’re using.

5 – The fastest way to build a brand people trust is to be of service to others. The “look at me, look at me” message never works long-term. Focus on sharing your knowledge with others and helping them without expecting anything in return; your brand will grow from this.

6 – Being of service applies to influencer outreach too. Influencers constantly have individuals asking for favours or requesting introductions. When you make a name for yourself by helping influencers on a consistent basis, you’ll soon become a trusted ally.

7 – Understand that SEO applies to personal branding, as it does to website/app optimisation. When you are developing your personal brand, determine which phrase you want to rank for in search engines. Make sure your preferred phrase is mentioned across all your social media profiles and online content posts. With ongoing effort and attention to search engine optimisation, your brand phrase will slowly begin to make its way up in search engine placement.

Building a personal brand won’t happen overnight and your success will be based upon the relationships you create with others. Develop a brand that reflects the true you and be prepared to continually reach out to others to grow your personal brand.

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