Social Zest Social Media Training


Sometimes small businesses have the manpower to manage the social media marketing but they just need a bit of social media training, a few helpful hints and tips and to brush up on their skills.

Social media can be an intimidating world to navigate – with such public messages and activity that’s very open to public judgment and criticism.  It’s important that social media managers feel equipped to operate the various platforms and to also have a knowledge around hacks and creative ways to create free or low cost visual content.

Social media creates brand awareness, loyalty and a genuinely engaged following who’ll in turn act as ambassadors for your business.  Social referral is a powerful modern day version of “word of mouth”.  It’s important to get it right and for your social media manager to feel confident at the helm.


  • On-site social media training, customised around your precise needs and abilities
  • A crash-course in the creation of easy and shareable visual assets
  • Introduce you to free or low cost apps to make this process as sustainable as possible
  • Introduce the best social media cross-promotional methods for your business
  • Explain and showcase best platform- specific practices
  • Outline the factors around optimised shareability and creating brand consistency
  • A booklet at the end of the training session, with key messages, information and additional links

 We would tailor our services to your precise needs and abilities.

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