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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn are our main areas of specialty. 

Social media presence has become a pre-requisite for all companies, irrespective of their size.  Given how much time the average person spends on social media, it makes sense that daily, consistent and relevant presence is not only important… but vital.

Social media creates brand awareness, loyalty and a genuinely engaged following who’ll in turn act as ambassadors for your business.  Social referral is a powerful modern day version of “word of mouth”.


  • Formulate a social media schedule and strategy, based on your needs and capabilities
  • Assist with the regular creation of engaging visual assets, for your unique use
  • Introduce you to free or low cost apps to make this process as sustainable as possible
  • Ascertain the best social media cross-promotional methods for your business
  • Create written content for your business, that you can share across your platforms
  • Assist you with social media platform specific guidance around optimising shareability, targeted advertising and creating brand consistence
  • Managing your various social media accounts as per an agreed schedule
  • Managing your social media accounts with the prime intention of building engagement around new audience groups, rather than day to day posting
  • Provide monthly reporting around growth and engagement levels

We would tailor our services to fit your needs and abilities.  

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