Tips on how to integrate and leverage your digital channels

Tips on how to integrate (and leverage) your digital channels by Social Zest


There are a number of digital marketing channels that demand attention from small business owners – websites, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc – each with their own set of content objectives and engagement goals.

With so much effort put into each individual channel, we often forget the importance of integrating channels in order to leverage our digital impact.

Here are 5 quick tips on how you can integrate and leverage your digital channels:

  1. Showcase your social media channels on your website

Leverage the power of social media on your website by including visible social media buttons, ideally displayed on the top, bottom or along the side of your homepage.

  1. Embed social feeds on your website

Promote your social channels through embedding your social feeds (Instagram feed, Twitter timeline, Google Plus posts etc) on your website. This is a great way to showcase fresh content and keep your website visitors up-to-date with your latest content. Plus, they are easy in add!

  1. Promote your blog content on social media

Use your social media channels as advertising channels for your latest blog posts. Create unique posts for each social media channel, always keeping in mind the content objective and engagement goal of each channel:

  • Twitter: an audience for trending news, top tips and interesting articles
  • Facebook: an audience for entertainment and value
  • Instagram: an audience for eye-catching visuals
  • LinkedIn: an audience for professional news
  • Pinterest: an audience for creative inspiration
  1. Encourage social sharing of your blog posts

Include social sharing buttons on your blog posts to encourage visitors to promote and share your content on their own social networks. To maximise the impact, ensure your social share buttons contain customised messaging that eases the process for your readers and benefits your brand.

  1. Connect your social media channels

Include links to your website and social channels in the ‘About’ section of each social channel. Add the links to the description area and feel free to add directive text such as:

These simple tips can make a significant impact on your ability to leverage your online engagement and impact – so give them a go!

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