Twitter 101: Tips, Tricks and Terminology

Before you get started with Twitter, it’s important that you understand the language and terminology used so you can interact with your audience and participate in conversations. Here are a few key terms to know (and a few tips on how to use them):

Twitter 101: Tips, Tricks and Terminology by Social Zest


  1. Tweet – Your 140-character update that can contain photos, videos, links and text (including hashtags).
  2. Reply – A way to respond to directly another person’s tweet.
  3. Retweet (RT) – A way to share another person’s tweet while recognising them as the original tweeter (by using their @TwitterHandle)
  4. Like – Tap the heart icon as an easy way to acknowledge the author of a Tweet. This is also a great way to bookmark your favourite tweets (as a register of all your ‘liked’ tweets will be kept on your profile.)
  5. @Mention – A way to notify or communicate with someone through using their @TwitterHandle. Note: if someone mentions your Twitter handle (@social_zest) in their tweet, you will be notified (and it’s likely they are trying to interact with you).
  6. #hashtag – You can use the hashtag symbol (#) before a keyword or phrase to categorise your tweet and make your tweet more searchable. Similarly, you can click on a hashtag to view other tweets relevant to that term, for example #smallbusiness.

Advanced Tricks:

Twitter Lists – Use Twitter Lists to monitor the activity of specific follower segments eg. competitors, customers and/or influencers. This feature allows you to create private or public lists of accounts you’d like to monitor more closely, and then view a custom feed consisting only of the activity of the list members. A great way to find content to interact with!

Twitter Chats – Twitter Chats are organised online discussions that are hosted at a set time, structured by set discussion questions and moderated by a dedicated account. Each chat has a specific #hashtag that allows participants to interact. They are free, fantastic, and full of active, passionate contributors (a great way to source influencers in your industry.) Find the Twitter Chats in your industry by searching online for “Twitter Chats in *industry*” eg. “Twitter Chats in education/ fashion/ marketing” etc.

Now that you’ve got the essentials covered off – start tweeting! Check out this quick 10-Minute Daily Twitter Plan to get you started.


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