What type of content should I include in my business blog?

A blog is a great way to offer your audience insightful content about your business and industry – not to mention, a great way to keep your brand fresh, relevant and up-to-date. But the key question on many small business owners’ minds is: ‘What type of content should I include in my business blog?’

When considering the ‘type of content’, there are three key elements to consider:

  1. Topic/Idea
  2. Content Structure
  3. Medium/Format

Here are quick tips on how to brainstorm topics and ideas, mix up your content structure and decide on the right medium or format for your blog.

What type of content should I include in my business blog? by Social Zest

How to brainstorm topics and ideas for your blog:

A great way to get started is to think about what your audience would type into a search engine (eg. Google) to find your business – i.e. what solution does your business provide? To do this, compile a list of questions or phrases that would start this inbound process for your audience.

An easy way to come up with these questions and phrases is to use the ‘Why? Why? Why?’ strategy which works to dive deep into the minds of your audience.

For example, if you were selling an online maths program for young kids the probing process would be like so:

  • Probing questions: I need an online maths program for my kids. Why? Because my kids need help with maths. Why? Because I want my kids to do well in maths. Why? Because there is an increasing focus on the importance of mathematics from the government.

You can then use these answers to develop content that is both relevant and insightful for your audience.

  • Blog content: The benefits of online math program for kids. The best ways to help your kids excel in maths. 5 ways parents can help their kids improve their math skills. Exciting careers that use maths. etc. etc.

So now that you understand the needs and pain points of your audience, you need to decide how you are going to present that content in your blog – aka the content structure.

How to mix up your content structure:

The structure of your content is equally important as the content with in it. Why? Because the structure of a blog often influences the traction it gets – after all, we all only want to read and engage with content that is looks easy to digest. So, when creating your content try using a combination of the following structures:

  • Lists (x ways, x tips, x reasons, x best ways etc.)
  • How-to
  • Q&A
  • News
  • Definition
  • Opinions/Why
  • Data Analysis

Thinking about these different content structures is also a useful way to come up with content ideas.

For additional tips on how to optimise your content for SEO see here.

How to decide on the right medium or format for your blog:

Finally, it comes down to deciding on what medium/format you are going to develop this content into. Whilst much of your content is likely to be written, there are other great way to represent your content such as:

  • Graphic
  • Infographic
  • SlideShare
  • Video
  • eBook/Guide
  • Podcast

Similar to the content ideas and content structure, keeping a mix of mediums/format in your blog content is an easy way to keep you blog engaging and interesting.

Remember, starting a blog for your small business takes time, effort, practice and patience – but stick with it and you’ll enjoy the benefits! Plus, you may learn something interesting about your business in the process!

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