The faces behind the Social Zest Magic…

Nicky McEnery

Nicky McEnery Social Zest

Nicky is a Digital Marketing Specialist with extensive strategic marketing, content creation and social media experience.  She’s had the pleasure of living on 3 different continents and has worked in everything from small to large, local to global and non-profit to corporate businesses.

She loves people and is inspired by courageous entrepreneurs and start-up businesses who are making their own unique mark on the world.

She’s passionate about the online marketing and social media space and its tremendous power to engage, enlighten and entertain – ultimately attracting visitors, then customers and then loyalty.

Proud Mum to a mad little toddler, she loves to get creative in her spare time and is the Editor over at (an educational website inspiring kids creativity through crafts, activities and healthy food art.)

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Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell Social ZestDonna is a multi-lingual Marketing & Communications Specialist with vast international experience primarily in the travel sector.

Creativity is her middle name and she is known for using her vivid imagination to come up with innovative and original marketing concepts and content. Her eye for detail and meticulous organisation make her an exceptional project manager.

She loves to travel, read, cook, take photos and go for walks.

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Kerry Hoar

Kerry Hoar Social ZestKerry is a creative and conceptual Design Director with broad international experience in a number of different industries including events, entertainment, leisure, retail, property, liquor, pharmaceutical, financial, corporate and FMCG.

Developing unique and tailored creative solutions to bring brands to life is her passion in life.

She’s always planning her next exciting holiday and is an avid photographer, antique shop enthusiast and art-gallery frequenter.

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Louisa Grundy

Louisa is one of the thirty thousand Aussies “living the dream” (and working) in the Big Apple.

Moving from Sydney to New York City has taught her a thing or two! The first – how to conquer a crazy busy work-life balance, and the second – how to make a few dollars go a long way (especially before rent is due).

A middle child, travel buff and self-proclaimed chef, Louisa is an accounting major turned marketing professional with a passion for digital marketing, strategic analysis and the world of big-data.

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Laura Moore

Laura Moore Uppy Social ZestLaura is the official Queen of Uppy.  Literally, actually.

Uppy is a specialised performance and health coaching program to help driven people understand their unique priorities, values and needs in order to live a fuller, more rewarding and more successful life.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, people are your biggest asset.  You and your own health, your family, your employees and overall success and productivity can be tracked back to how balanced and fulfilling your life is.  Learn more about Uppy.